AquinaJanuary 30, 2020

The Road To Financial Independence. Part II: Vision & Innovation

The Road To Financial Independence. Part II: Vision & Innovation

Article by: Chris Stenglein, Chairman & CEO

Chris Stenglein currently serves as Aquina Health’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors.  He has been involved with the company since September 2012 and is responsible for the overall vision and strategic direction of the company. During his tenure, Stenglein has led Aquina Health to sustained growth and profitability, establishing Aquina Health as an industry leader in healthcare FinTech.

As a technology and finance CEO for over 25 years, I have worked with F1 to F100 companies, top healthcare systems, and thousands of ambulatory providers to pioneer new products aimed at reducing costs and driving revenue. A question commonly asked of me by smaller practices is “how are you able to take your ideas and turn them into reality?” The answer: It starts with Vision.

Vision sets the tone, mindset, culture, and overall experience for your patients, partners, and employees. Vision impacts the environment, trajectory, the patient journey, your employees’ work perspective, and the look and feel of your practice. As a practice owner or administrator, your vision should include an innovative mindset. Innovation in telehealth, patient engagement, and patient payment optionality are great examples of new service and consumer-facing models that will continue to shape the healthcare industry for the next decade.

Innovation is disrupting old-line business models worldwide. Just look at the impact Uber has made on the taxi industry, Amazon on retail, and Apple on watch and device producers. Most MD’s today who have decided to leave a large practice or hospital made this decision due in part to the lack of innovation at their predecessor and/or to achieve financial independence.

Independent practitioners, surgeons, and caretakers lead the way in the innovation revolution. New procedures and care methodologies developed by these pioneers (many in the small practice setting) are a key reason the US has some of the best healthcare technologies in the world. The time is now to let technology and innovation work for you and your practice.

But how do I innovate my finances? I have limited resources and don’t have the budget of Amazon. The good news is you don’t need Amazon’s budget to innovate your practice’s financial model. There is a little known company, Aquina Health, who has been tirelessly working for over a decade on innovating the way providers get paid. The dream of “See patients today. Get paid tomorrow.”… is now a reality with a revolutionary tool called Via.

Practices that utilize Via experience increased efficiency and revenue lift by increasing payment visibility and control, enabling them to redirect old-line resources away from cost center activities and toward revenue-generating ones.

“What would your practice be like if you too could see patients today and get paid tomorrow? What would more certainty and control over when you receive government and commercial payments do for you and your practice? “

Eliminating payer gaps allows practices to maintain focus on their visions and invest in the business, i.e., hiring new employees, growing the referral base, extending local touchpoints in your market, purchasing new technology, etc. By taking advantage of real-time payments through Via, practices can get back to executing their vision, keeping the priority on what matters most.

Please join Aquina as a healthcare innovator – “if we innovate together, patient care comes first with increased choices, payers compete, and our country can continue to have world-class healthcare delivered by world-class providers at affordable costs.”

The road to financial independence is visible and can be enhanced by reducing financial days outstanding to zero. Take control of your cashflow and become more efficient in all aspects of the business, no matter how large or small with Via. Practices that join the Aquina provider network can focus on daily operations and provide premium healthcare while receiving immediate payments the day they submit claims. To learn more about Via, please visit or contact