AquinaJanuary 23, 2020

The Road to Financial Independence

The Road to Financial Independence

The Road to Financial Independence can occasionally seem difficult to find. In a survey conducted by Medscape on Physician burnout and depression, finances were the number two cause of depression. In essence, insufficient compensation, lack of vision/ autonomy, government regulations, and lack of control/ visibility over their unpaid claims were the major contributors to physicians’ burnout. As more and more medical practices struggle to make ends meet, Financial Independence is still a dream for many in our economy.

Medical practice owners are at the liberty of payors to expedite claims reimbursement. Getting paid through government programs and insurance payers can take up to 4 weeks or more from the time you submit a claim until you are paid. Many of these practices are small and medium businesses that depend solely on their claims to pay for rent, buy new equipment and so on.

Via from Aquina allows practices to optimize performance and maximize efficiency by accelerating claims payments from weeks to real-time payments with autopay functionality, payer selection, and on-demand payment controls.

The road to Financial Independence is not a myth, but a reality and might be accomplished through visibility and control on your unpaid claims.

  • Visibility: Aquina’s proprietary platform gives your medical practice 24/7 visibility of your pending claims.
  • Control: Customize which claims you advance. Auto fund all your claims or just the ones that pay the slowest.
  • Independence: Designed to increase efficiencies and assist in shortening the revenue cycle on any claims or payers thus giving you a clear roadmap to your financial independence.

If your practice is struggling with unpaid patient invoices/ claims or needs a cash infusion to normalize cash flow, contact Aquina Health today to get started. Aquina can help guide you to the right financial solution that best fits your current business goal.