ViaClear® - Revenue Recovery

Recover lost revenue from billable insurance coverage.

Discovering new payer paths for revenue recovery.

ViaClear analyzes each individual claim and identifies hard-to-find health insurance coverage to maximize reimbursements. Guaranteed results, risk-free, and with a 100% contingency-based pricing model. We take all the risk and there are no fees paid unless we are successful in recovering lost revenue for providers.

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How it works

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Find Insurance

We scrub self-pay/uncompensated care accounts to identify billable insurance

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Clean Data

We leverage the use of AI and Machine learning to cleanse all data of active coverage accounts

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Maximize Revenue

We find new revenue opportunities to optimize performance and maximize reimbursements

The Benefits

Recurso 13100

Data lake, RPA, and AI machine learning backbone.


Ability to process large complex data files.


Simple implementation process.


No upfront fees with a risk-free contingency model.

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I would highly recommend ViaClear by Aquina

"We have intelligent, sophisticated eligibility tools in our health system and have been overwhelmed by the success of ViaClear. Within 30 days of installing ViaClear, the solution identified and recovered over $150,000. ViaClear is an exceptional value for Astria Health, our patients, and our staff. Truly a win-win!"

Chuck K.
Vice President Revenue Cycle, Astria Health
Buyer_Persona_Patricia_Practice Manager

Unbelievable how simple ViaClear is...

"ViaClear's team conducted a comprehensive review of over 46,000 self-pay accounts and found 11.3% of those were eligible claims resulting in additional $2.9 million revenue for the hospital."

Patricia G.
Director Revenue Cycle Management, Hospital in Central Florida

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With Coverage Discovery, no insurance has been identified or payment recovered. Medicare Underpayment Recovery is the process of auditing already primary billed Medicare inpatient accounts where insurance has already been identified and billed.

Coverage DiscoveryMedicare Underpayment Recovery

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