Providing funds so you can provide care.

Working with patients who struggle to pay for their treatment? We can help.

Our 10-second solution solves your patient’s problem of high out-of-pocket expenses by providing access to financing for your patients when they need it – giving you up to 100% of the patient pay responsibility within 48 hours.

Our Patient Finance Solution

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A simple solution to high patient expenses


Give patients the care they need, when they need it

Our program covers patients across a wide range of credit scores, and promotional financing programs are available. Patients can see available offers without impact to their credit score.

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Get up to 100% of patient pay responsibility within 48 hours

In most cases, our financing partner can provide funding to your practice within 2 business days of your patient’s service.


No more billing, processing or collecting for your practice

Our financing partner bills patients directly, freeing your staff to focus on care for your patients.

We exist to empower healthcare providers
to serve patients better.

A note from our CEO...

"The patient portion of healthcare costs has risen significantly faster than the growth rate of medical expenses.

Where does this burden lay? It lays squarely at the foot of the patient’s bedside. Curae Finance is here to help. With our lending solutions patients get the care they need, when they need it.”


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