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Simplifying the path of healthcare reimbursements

Getting paid through government programs and insurance payers can take up to 4 weeks or more from the time you submit a claim until you are paid. Through our automated advance program, you will receive funds the day you submit claims.

See how you can receive funds the day you submit claims.

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How it works

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Receive immediate funding on claims

Get paid immediately on claims without changing your workflow.

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Customize which claims you advance

Auto fund all your payers or just the ones that pay the slowest.


Benefit from a fully automated process

Enhance your financial profile by reducing your days outstanding to zero.

The Benefits


Receive payment upon submitting your claims.


Stop waiting on payers and get paid in real time.


Easily take control of your cash flow.


Normalize your cash flow for a minimal servicing fee.

Control your cash flow

Behavioral Health

Eliminate payer gaps


Home Health

Hire new employees



Cover payroll



Applying for working capital was easy

“Aquina has been a tremendous benefit to my business. Since utilizing both the Via and the Praxis solutions, I’ve been able to hire more employees and expand my business. They’ve been great to work with. I would highly recommend them!”

CEO, Accommodative HealthCare

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