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Proactively manage your Medicaid Roster and navigate the Redetermination process with ease

The unwinding of the continuous enrollment provision of the Public Health Emergency (PHE) has led to a challenging Medicaid Redetermination process for healthcare providers. As an estimated 15 million patients face changes in their Medicaid coverage, providers must ensure they maintain revenue streams while providing quality care to their patients.

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Introducing ViaClear Coverage Discovery by Aquina Health , an intelligent solution that empowers healthcare providers to proactively manage their Medicaid rosters and maximize reimbursements during the redetermination process.

Discover how our three-step process can simplify your Medicaid roster management


Monthly Medicaid Roster Change Reports

ViaClear provides monthly eligibility checks to monitor changes in Medicaid coverage, helping you maintain a current and accurate Medicaid member roster. Our reports are customizable to meet your specifications.


Medicaid Reverse COB (Insurance Monitoring)

ViaClear's Coverage Discovery technology identifies patients with newly discovered Commercial and/or Medicare coverage, replacing existing Medicaid coverage as primary payer, leading to higher reimbursement rates for your practice.


Provide a Medicaid Patient Roster

Submit your Medicaid patient roster using a secure, encrypted web portal or SFTP. ViaClear can accommodate any file format with required data specs, bringing our Discovery technology live in as little as two weeks.


Ready to take control of your Medicaid Redetermination process? Reach out to our team for more information or to get started with ViaClear Coverage Discovery.

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Don't let the Medicaid Redetermination process disrupt your business. Partner with ViaClear Coverage Discovery to improve patient experience and boost your revenue. Get in touch today!

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