AquinaOctober 13, 2020

Client Case Study: Accommodative Healthcare

Client Case Study: Accommodative Healthcare

How can I eliminate the concerns of cash flow gaps and grow my business?

That was the question Nicole White, RN CEO of Accommodative HealthCare needed an answer to, and quickly. Her business, Accommodative Healthcare, assists people with special needs – down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, ADHD.  Located in Houston, TX, they manage a day school, facilities, and residential housing for 80 patients, and currently employ 100 staff members who assist in the caregiving of their patients.

Like many medical practices, Accommodative Healthcare’s patient’s claims are reimbursed either by government programs or insurance companies. Since it typically takes several weeks to be reimbursed, Nicole White, RN, CEO, was growing concerned about cash flow gaps and what that could do to the financial well-being of her company.

Though Nicole currently has a line of credit, her bank was unable to provide any increase to assist with cash flow concerns.

Through a referral from her financial partner, Nicole learned of the Praxis and Via solutions provided by Aquina.

“Waiting to be reimbursed from insurance companies was causing a major stress on my business”, noted Nicole. “That fact that Aquina was able to offer financial assistance very quickly and efficiently, was a deciding factor in using them.”

She applied online and was contacted by an Aquina team member who was able to assess her financial situation and offer a solution to ease her concerns. “Applying for working capital was easy and straightforward”, continued Nicole, “They only asked for basic financial information to get the process started and it only took a few days to have an answer.”

The Praxis and Via programs from Aquina aims to ease the financial burden of waiting for reimbursements. With Praxis, medical practices are able to obtain additional capital to help grow their business, with flexible repayment terms not seen in the industry.

With Via, instead of waiting months, clients now have access to funds immediately, virtually eliminating the stress of managing cash flow. Nicole agrees, “I now have the ability to receive 100% of the claim amount upfront – this has been a fantastic benefit. I especially appreciate the flexible repayment terms”.

With healthcare constantly making headlines, the increase in regulatory burdens on medical practices, and the everyday course of events of running a business – Aquina is happy to be able to assist Nicole in feeling confident about her business’s financial future.

“Aquina has been a tremendous benefit to my business. Since utilizing the various Working Capital Solutions, I’ve been able to hire more employees and expand my business. They’ve been great to work with. I would highly recommend them!”

If your practice is struggling with unpaid patient invoices or needs a cash infusion to normalize cash flow, contact us today to get started. We can help guide you to the right financial solution that best fits your current business goal.