AquinaJuly 17, 2020

Increasing Business Cash Flow

Increasing Business Cash Flow

In the world of business, money means more than just having something to fall back on. It means having the ability to offer your consumers more goods and services. It means having the option to offer more to your employees in the form of benefits and incentives and most of all it makes growing and flourishing as a business much easier. The fact of the matter is, more money never hurt anyone— which is exactly why we want to teach you how to maximize your finances to get the most out of your hard-earned dollar.

Government Grants

Let’s face it— grants normally go over our heads. When creating a business we tend to think that it is solely up to us, the business owner, to fund our projects and that there is literally neither no one nor nothing else to fall back on. The latter is a false message that has never done anyone any good. There are government grants available for medical practices— all you have to do is a quick Google search to find them and apply.


This option is obvious. It stands out because it is one of the quickest ways for you to get money to get your business off of the ground. Lending generally doesn’t require anything other than fair credit. If your credit is in good standing and you don’t have any adverse judgements on your history, you may find that lending is the best option for you. This basically means that even if your business is relatively new, you can still use lending as a way to foot the bill of your startup. Alternative online lending companies, such as Aquina Health, can be very helpful in making the lending process seamless and easy. There’s little wait time, little required documents, and money can come in as little as 2-3 days. Another stand out quality of niche lenders is their custom tailored products for the industry they serve. This allows the lender to provide a product specific to the industry it serves.


This option is fun and interesting. Crowdfunding allows for your project to be funded by external sources almost completely. Basically you go to a crowdfunding site and introduce yourself, your business and your mission statement. From there you can add pictures and videos of your project and set the amount that you are requesting in donations. The more descriptive and personal your statements are, the better the funding normally is.

Many people use crowdfunding in conjunction with a giveaway. For example, if you give twenty dollars to the cause you will receive something for free. These sorts of incentives reel people in because they aren’t just throwing money in the pot— they’re getting something in return for their charity.

Find Investors or a Network of Investors

Having someone invest in your business for equity is one of the best ways to get your business off of the ground. Finding investors isn’t difficult— in fact, if you choose crowdfunding as a means to get more money for your business you may be surprised to find that many people are reaching out to you in efforts to land a business venture. The thing about investors is that you aren’t going to find them, they are going to find you.

A hint about finding investors who are interested in venture capital— if your business is in its first few years this option may not be the best. Stick to lending and crowdfunding. What may happen is the investors will become so focused on profits that they may lose sight of what the business is really about. However, businesses that are fully developed may benefit from venture capital practices. This process can be tricky so proceed with caution.

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