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Aquina Health Partners with AdvancedMD to Offer Instant Claims Payments.

Aquina Health Partners with AdvancedMD to Offer Instant Claims Payments.

Atlanta, GA – October 24th, 2019 – Atlanta-based Aquina Health has partnered with the South Jordan, Utah-based AdvancedMD to offer instant claims payment solutions for healthcare providers. This partnership will enable AdvancedMD’s growing network of nearly 30,000 healthcare providers to receive up to 100% of claim reimbursements upfront giving practices absolute control and cash flow certainty across both government and commercial carriers. This patent-pending product is disrupting the status quo and does not require any change to the practice’s current billing, coding or RCM process.

Our Via solution offers AdvancedMD users the ability to get paid immediately on claims, without making any changes to their existing workflows,” said Chris Stenglein, Aquina Health’s Chief Executive Officer.  “AdvancedMD providers will benefit through an automated and real-time process. Via is designed to increase efficiencies and assist in shortening the revenue cycle on any claims or payers they choose, complementing AdvancedMD’s world-class claims management functions.”

AdvancedMD is a healthcare technology company that offers cloud medical office software to ambulatory medical practices. As an AdvancedMD partner, Aquina Health joins a network of healthcare professionals who are looking to utilize the latest tools and technologies to integrate practice and patient workflow together for a revolutionary new practice experience.

To learn more about Aquina Health’s newly-integrated application, please visit Via’s product listing page on the AdvancedMD Marketplace.

About AdvancedMD

Based in South Jordan, Utah, AdvancedMD supports independent physicians and their staff with a comprehensive suite of solutions including practice management, electronic health records, telemedicine, and patient relationship management. With AdvancedMD medical practices are able to manage higher patient volumes with improved productivity and financial outcomes. For more information, visit their website.

About Aquina Health

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Aquina Health has provided technology-enabled healthcare financing solutions to medical practices throughout the United States since 2009. Through Aquina’s Immediate Claims Payments solution, Via, providers can simplify their cash flow, choosing when to get paid for payer claims that can otherwise take weeks or months. For more information, visit


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