AquinaSeptember 6, 2017

Providing Staff Customer Service Training Can Increase Patient Loyalty

Providing Staff Customer Service Training Can Increase Patient Loyalty

The role of a medical practice administrator goes beyond identifying best practices and finding ways to implement them.

Practice leaders also must identify where practice staff members can benefit from additional education and training so programs can be added and administered to help the organization run optimally.

The Medical Group Management Association polled 931 practice leaders and nearly half (47%) said that staff could use additional practice in customer service.

Practices looking to improve customer service can:

  1.  ​​Make a good first impression. The first impression could determine if a patient will return. Front-line staff should be courteous and respectful of patient’s concerns.
  2. Acknowledge wait times. Sometimes long wait times are unavoidable. Keep patients informed of estimated wait times to manage expectations and avoid confusion.
  3. Personalize the patient experience. Front-line staff should focus on greeting patients by name, taking a moment to inquire how the patient is doing.
  4. Express gratitude. A simple “Thank you”  from your staff goes a long way to reinforcing patient loyalty.

What does this mean for your practice?

In the age of consumerism – retail health, telemedicine, micro-hospitals, the doctor’s office down the street – are all viable healthcare options for patients. Treating your patients as customers to help build loyalty only makes smart business sense.

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