AquinaAugust 29, 2016

The Election is Coming – and Healthcare Business Owners Have Weighed In!

The Election is Coming – and Healthcare Business Owners Have Weighed In!

Provider Web Capital recently conducted a survey of healthcare small business owners on their views of the upcoming election.  Business owners in the medical field are certainly focused on politics as the response rate from our customer base was high.  The survey asked respondents how much impact they expected to see on their business from the election.  It also asked what these business owners would like to see happen to the Affordable Care Act (the “ACA”) and who they thought would win the Presidential election.

When asked about the potential impact of the election on their business, the majority of medical business owners thought the election would have a substantial impact.  90% of the survey respondents said the election would have a moderate to substantial impact, with over 64% in the substantial category.

We asked our survey participants what changes if any they would like to see with the ACA.  This question brought the most diversity of responses.  While the most commonly chosen option was a repeal of the ACA with 31% of the responses, a full 25% only wanted to see slight changes to the Act.  23% of the respondents said the ACA should be overhauled, and 18% wrote in responses that had a similar flavor.  Most of the write-in responses to this question focused on lower cost of insurance, more insurance carrier options, or some type of public option through Medicare.

For our final question, we asked healthcare small business owners who they think will be the next President of the United States.  This was not intended to ask participants who they were voting for, just who they think will be the winner.  We saw a result that broadly matched the polling numbers across the U.S. with 54% expecting Hillary Clinton to beat out Donald Trump in November.

We greatly appreciate all participants in the survey.  As a token of our gratitude we are happy to announce that our drawing for the Fitbit Alta prize was won by a pediatric doctor in suburban Atlanta, very close to the home office of Provider Web Capital.  Stay tuned for further surveys of healthcare business owners as we aim to give our customers information relevant to their business needs.

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