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Another Way Remit ATM Can Help You Solve Cash Flow Challenges

Another Way Remit ATM Can Help You Solve Cash Flow Challenges

A Remit ATM Case Study #3: New Contracts Lead to Increased Care and the Need for Capital

The Situation

We are all familiar with the phrase “It takes money to make money.”  When a medium-sized healthcare company in California found themselves on the receiving end of a number of huge new contracts, time was of the essence.  They needed money, and they needed it fast.

The Problem

The home health care and hospice services company while ecstatic about their new contracts and the opportunity for growth was at their wits end as to how to finance this growth.  Their owner was anxiously staring down the barrel at a window of immediate challenges:

With the care that they were administering jumping two and three-fold overnight, how were they going to obtain the capital to perform these increased services with reimbursements for this care nowhere in sight?

  • Extra care equals extra employees.
  • Extra care equals extra office space.
  • Extra care equals extra medical supplies.

The Solution

Enter Provider Web Capital with its innovative Remit ATM product – an early reimbursement tool that generates cash on outstanding invoices. Our Remit ATM patent-pending technology allowed this business owner to get the initial seed money it needed at the outset of the new contracts – i.e., when it needed it the most.  And less than a month later – when reimbursements still hadn’t started trickling in from the very first services performed – Provider Web provided their business with another shot in the arm with additional funds.  For just a small convenience fee, Remit ATM enabled this home health care and hospice services provider the early funding that was needed.

To learn more about Remit ATM, please see the video below:

How Remit ATM Can Help Your Health Care Business with Early Reimbursements


Provider Web’s focus with Remit ATM is to help our healthcare customers overcome the cash flow challenges they encounter with access to the money they need when they need it.  Remit ATM is fast and flexible.  Remit ATM is convenient.  Remit ATM is peace of mind.  Remit ATM is as easy as taking a withdrawal from the ATM machine.

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