AquinaOctober 1, 2015

Continued September Growth with Strong Q3 Performance

Continued September Growth with Strong Q3 Performance

Atlanta, GA – Provider Web Capital is excited to announce strong originations in September; the company has expanded its presence around the United States, with new clients acquired in Hawaii, the Greater Chicago Area and Florida, to name a few areas. Of note, Provider Web funded the following transactions during September:

  • $200,000 to a Chicago area mental health provider for working capital needs
  • $125,000 to a Florida-based mental health provider for cash flow management
  • Additional fundings to mental health providers in the Baltimore area in the wake of ICD-10
  • Additional capital to a durable medical equipment provider for business expansion

With the end of Q3 coming in 2015, Provider Web Capital is pleased to announce a 64% quarter-over-quarter growth. This staggering growth, combined with the expansion of Provider Web’s sales force initiatives, leads analysts to expect that the firm will continue to grow for the near foreseeable future. “We’re seeing a huge boost in revenue growth,” said Provider Web Chairman Chris Stenglein, adding that, “This growth is signifying that the marketplace is responding well to our products; the alternative lending platform is becoming much more commonplace in today’s market, and Provider Web is poised to grab its share of that market in the healthcare sector.”

When asked about his opinions on the new implementation on ICD-10, Mr. Stenglein stated that Provider Web would capitalize on this opportunity. “As we’ve seen in the healthcare field, submitting insurance reimbursements is paramount to a provider receiving payments. If these reimbursements are delayed due to diagnostic coding issues, providers will run into cash flow problems; problems that Provider Web can help solve. Our ability to mitigate cash flow disruptions allows the provider to focus on performing services. Combined with our flexible repayment terms based on a percentage of realized revenue, Provider Web Capital gives healthcare professionals the necessary tools to help grow their business by providing a fast, easy access to capital.”